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Lessons from Levi

My son is five today and to sound like every other parent out there I am wondering where that time went!

Five is such a milestone, it’s the end of the preschool years where parents have the majority of input and gives way to children having input of others without parental involvement.

It’s a time when a child is becoming more independent and having learning experiences that they can come home and share with their parents.

I have definitely found this transition hard, and as a teacher I thought I would cope so much better with it!  Lazy mornings give way to structured on time drop offs and spontaneous adventures now have to be planned within the constraints of weekends.

But it’s Levi who is ready, it’s him who can’t wait to start and it’s him who will flourish and excel at school.  It has felt like forever that he has been waiting for school to start and I cannot wait to see him soak up everything that school has to offer him.

Today as I think about him starting this next chapter I cannot help but look back and think of all the things my firstborn has taught me throughout the last five years.

  1. Comparing to others is not effective.  When Levi was young he was soooo busy!  I used to stress he wasn’t one of those kids who sat at a cafe and played with the toys.  I would go home upset that he wasn’t conforming to what I believed he should have been doing.  I learnt to do things that catered for his energy instead of catering for myself, that way I could actually enjoy myself and stress less!  Each one of us is different like our kids that’s what makes us unique, why compare?
  2. Never underestimate the small things.  Kids do not care about the big gestures and expensive toys, the real memories are the experiences with the ones they love.  Some of Levis favourite things have been collecting pine cones, shellfish and sitting together chatting.
  3. Be honest.  Sometimes everything turns to crap and that’s ok nothing goes well all the time!  As long as you have a great support network that you can share your successes and failures with you can get through those tough times.  Honesty is refreshing and it’s something I value highly in my friends!  Laugh it off or take a picture to laugh at later 😂
  4. Slow down.  This is something I continue to battle with as life gets crazy sometimes.  Stop counting the minutes wasted and start counting the ones that matter.  I’m a sucker for doing ‘jobs’ while the kids play instead of stopping to play!  I get into a cycle of dishes and washing can’t wait but the kids can.  Washing will continue to mount up but you can’t get these years back…hire a cleaner 😂😂 (I wish). Try to stop and play, it’s good for you both.
  5. Dance.  My boys love a dance in the lounge together, we dance and laugh and act like fools.  The perfect thing to lift everyone’s mood!  A previous employer used to always say keep that 7 year old inside you alive and I couldn’t agree more, act silly, laugh, jump and dance!  Life can be way too serious these days!!

Levi you have made our lives so amazing, we love your caring nature, your sense of humour, your cheekiness, that you always pick flowers for me, that you love cuddles and your sense of adventure.

Thank you for being an amazing son and making me into the mum I am today…with a few grey hairs. 😂

So I tomorrow is the big day, wish us luck that we can all embrace this next exciting stage that is primary school!

I would love to hear from you so please do comment on the blog below!

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