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The best present for a 5 year old! 

Creative presents are a great idea for kids. These types of presents promote creative thinking, an inquiring mind, fine motor skills, cooperation, and family time!

This year we wanted to get a present for Levi that he could use.  He is so creative and is always thinking of what he can make by recycling what we already have.  He loves to create weird and wacky pieces of art that always seem to have a function. 

As Levis birthday is in winter it was a good idea to get something he can do during the wetter months stuck inside.  

We decided to create Levi’s toolbox!  

A box with all sorts of things so Levi geared with his imagination could create whatever he wanted.  Especially as he wouldn’t have everyday access to tools like he did at kindy,since now he’s at school. 

We included:

A kids set of tools – a screwdriver, nails, a hammer, a saw, a ruler, tape measure, a hard hat, tool belt & gloves 

A glue gun – cold glue guns are great

Small wood pieces 

Craft items – glitter, paint, pipe cleaners, stickers, plastic eyes, paint brushes 

Ice block sticks 

A 60l bin to hold all his things 
Slap on a sign and your away!  

It’s a good idea to talk to your child about what they can do on their own and what tools and activities need adult supervision. 

Levi has already created a few master pieces and what’s a bonus is he creates these in the shed with his dad.  Great father son time in the man cave…while I put my feet up and have a cuppa (but in reality will probably be folding washing 😆)

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