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The best FREE winter school holiday activities! 

Get exploring

Being that its winter in New Zealand and the kids have been stuck inside a lot lately because of the rain, its a great idea to get outdoors!  If its nice enough go and find a great walk to go on together.  I totally recommend the tunnels at Northhead in Auckland this was such an adventure!  I took three boys to explore these tunnels the last holidays and we had so much fun!  Make sure you take a torch for in the tunnels and a cardboard box if you want to slide down the hills!

Exploring the outdoors is so much fun and so good for you too!

Games day

Get out your board games and have a games day!  Kids love this time spent together, it’s great for turn taking too.

Camp inside

Its not ideal at the moment to pitch a tent outdoors but if your house will allow create a sleepover camping experience inside!  Push all the furniture aside and pitch your tent!  Create a fire to toast marshmallows over or toast them on your fire if you have one!

My boys absolutely loved this and didn’t want to take the tent down!! I didn’t even have to put the fly of the tent on as they were inside…bonus!! Louis would have his day naps in there and both boys spent the night in theirs.

Beach scavenger hunts

Too many people stop going to the beach in winter but there is still so much to do!  We go rock pool exploring, climbing trees, hunting for treasure, collecting shells and drawing in the sand.  Some times we throw in a long jump competition in for a laugh!  I have even found a few scavenger hunt checklists for rock pools, will add the link below.

My kids love using this!   Rock pool spotter checklist

Beating boredom with boxes

At our local supermarket they give you boxes instead of bags for groceries.  The kids think this is awesome as they get to use these boxes when they get home for creating cars, castles and robots.  Ask your children to work together to create a rocket to send to space!  Give them what they need and watch them work together.

Pet store

Visit your local pet store or animal shelter.  My boys love to do this!  It’s simple, it’s free and they ask the lovely people who work there lots of questions about the animals!  In the holidays they often have colouring competitions and face painting which is a bonus!

Movie day

Hire a movie (or borrow one) and create an indoor cinema!  You can also get your children to create invitations to invite their friends to their home cinema!

Feed the fish

At Gulf Harbour our local marina you can feed the snapper, kingfish and even sting rays!  Please take into consideration what the fish you are feeding actually eat.  Eg at this marina they reccomend you feed them pilchards and lots of places no not reccomend feeding them bread.

Create your own olympics

The olympics is just around the corner why not get together with some other mums and think of an even each that you could put together to make your own olympics?! How much fun would that be!

Library visit

The library also runs holiday activities so get along and see what they are doing!  This is great if you have a large local library like we do as in the winter sometimes the kids are just dying to get out of the house.  Take a set of books home to read and enjoy together.


Check out your local area for school holiday activities, often the mall or hardware store will have craft activities that your children can do for free!  Next week we are going to a shopping mall to create aquariums to float Dory and Nemo inside!  I would love to see how you are spending the holidays with your family and yes for the many followers overseas who are enjoying summer I am totally jealous!!

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