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The wonders of clay

Today was the day…Levi has been asking for weeks to work with the clay since he received it for his birthday.  Levi has worked with clay at kindergarten and would continually go back to the clay table to create things, so it has been a perfect present for him!

Clay is not only used for the end product that is created, it has all sorts of benefits for children that is why it is often used in early childhood centres and schools.

Children enjoy experimenting with its mouldable texture which unlike flubber, or playdough it can hold its shape and be kept forever!  Clay has no right or wrong use, it can be kept but also can be used and then remoulded into something else.

Benefits of clay:

  • The use of all their senses
  • Action and consequence – the responses in the clay to their actions
  • Creativity & curiosity are stimulated
  • Muscles developed – poking, pinching
  • Hand eye co-ordination – squeezing, patting, pounding
  • Attention span – children can become immersed when working with clay and spend long amounts of time creating which is great for their attention span
  • Problem solving – this was a big part of Levi’s learning today as he wanted to create an animal house, but how would it stand up without going flat?  How could he create a hollow object.
  • Fine motor skills
  • It can be recycled

So why not try clay with your children?  Its an inexpensive activity with little tools required other than water and the children love it.  I promise its not as messy as you think!


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