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Our wonderful worm farm

I know, I know it sounds gross right?  But its not as bad as you think!  After moving to our new house I  looking for a way to get rid of our fruit and vegetable scraps without going down the compost route (they can attract rats..i hate rats!) and a practical way to help teach the boys about caring for our environment.  After lots of research we decided on a worm farm, it wouldn’t take up too much space or my time and the worms create worm tea/wee that benefits the garden!

We have had a worm farm over a year now and have found it is so useful in our household.  It is very low maintenance and there is no need to touch the worms at all.  It was also very cheap to buy ($15) so it was a great investment for our first worm farm and you can build on it if you want more worms!

I have found that the kids are right into it, helping out feeding the worms, covering them over and collecting the worm tea/wee to use in our garden and to sell for pocket money!   It is a great learning experience for them in the way that they are learning how to look after our environment by using our food waste rather than throwing everything away.

Our wonky carrots and in the background amazing pansy garden thanks to the worm farm.

Have I mentioned it is AMAZING in the garden?  Our summer fruit and vegetables have been abundant.  The worm wee/tea collects in the bottom of the worm farm, the worms turn the food scraps into a solid amendment called vermicastings, also known as worm casting or worm wee which speeds up the plant growth and reduced the effect of plant diseases and pests.  Although I have learnt I do need to water it down as it can be so strong on new seedlings!

Our watermelon and tomatoes from the garden.

Today Levi made some labels for the worm tea/wee to sell for some pocket money which was a fun activity to do together.  He decided on the wording…although I did talk to him about not labelling it Levi’s worm wee…doesn’t have the right message hehe!

Levi’s labels on the worm tea, “Levi is 5, Look worm wee”  I love the addition of the black barcode!

So if you ever get a chance or are interested I definitely recommend getting a worm farm at your place.  There are so many websites with information and lots of gardening centres and hardware stores that are willing to help.

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