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Making an easy dinosaur costume

Book week was coming up…I started getting excited…I have a huge appreciation for children’s books, so book week is always a fun week at school for me.  An exciting part of book week is that children often have a book character dress up day which is always a lot of fun!  I started thinking of all the things Levi may want to be…James and the giant peach, charlie and the chocolate factory or any Julia Donaldson character from her amazing books.

One afternoon I asked Levi “What book character would you like to dress up as…you can be any character from your favourite book” “Ummm mum I’d really like to be a dinosaur from my Stomp book!”  Oh man, I thought how are we going to do that without spending lots of money and time?  A dinosaur?  Really? There are so many fun ideas out there!  If I bought a dinosaur onesie it would be likely that he would wear it for an hour, get too hot and take it off never to be worn again.  I wasn’t keen on wasting money on something like that so had a think…

At the beginning of the year I made some dinosaur tales for the boys which I could use and add to, so away on pinterest I went!  Now Im telling you I am in no way good at sewing so these tutorials I found are great for beginners and the boys loved them!  The dinosaur tails are great as they are easy to wear and can be taken off when they are sick of being dressed up without the hassle of a whole costume change!  The boys love them so have defintely been worth the effort.  Here is the website I used to make the tails, definitely worth a try!  Click here

Next I found a site where you can easily make dinosaur hoodies in next to no time and  at a low cost so this was perfect for me!  I found $9 hoodies and packets of felt from The Warehouse and away I went to get sewing!  I always make two of everything these days for the boys, one each, this eliminates a few fights and then they can play together.  These were a lot easier to make than the tails and took a lot less time.  This is the tutorial I used click here.

So in one afternoon I had sewed two dinosaur hoodies ready for the book character parade. I’d love to say that they were faultless but there are a lot of mistakes in my sewing so don’t look too closely!  My most precious moment was when I heard Levi telling his teacher that he loved his costume and that his mum made it.  It made me melt and felt immensly proud that he appreciated my effort.Ps.  They are currently running around the garden roaring with their costumes on and fighting with their tails šŸ˜‚