Fun ways to do homework

What? I hear you say…homework isn’t fun for either the parent or the child!  I can agree there are times when I think eek I’m not in the mood for homework tonight!  But there are ways to make homework fun for you both and not such a struggle!

There are those of us who love homework and those of us who don’t! It goes the same for children…some children absolutely love having homework (I was one of those, so much I liked to do my brothers!) and there are children who are more resistant to homework.

Each school has a different policy on homework, some have timeframes some have basic outlines of what you can do and some have set homework.  

In this section I will add activities that you can do with your child to make this time easier for you both, homework should never be a struggle otherwise it impacts on your relationship.  Some of these activities I have set up on the kitchen floor so I can cook dinner at the same time as Levi swatting his sight words (see my sight words activities)

Why not try some of these activities today to freshen up the homework routine this afternoon?

Ways to stop the homework battle:

  • Make it quick and snappy – no one wants it to drag out
  • Give your child a healthy snack before homework so that they have fuel for learning
  • Don’t force it – it should never become a family battle, if your child is exhausted leave it for the night and try the following day
  • Make it fun – try these activities I guarantee your child will enjoy these!
  • If you are still struggling do talk to your child’s teacher together you may come up with a plan to tackle the homework!

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