Outdoor adventures

I love exploring the outdoors and so do my boys!

I find being outside with the kids is not only cost effective but the best activity that gets out all their energy in one go!

There are so many things to do outdoors that spark your child’s curiosity.  So many questions they ask that can promote discussion and learning about the world around them.

I also find that I feel a lot better after an outdoor adventure,  its not to say that I am not exhausted but I have a sense of achievement after being outdoors with the kids!

As we all know that taking a bush walk with the kids may not go smoothly!  But each time it doesn’t go so well its another lesson learnt for the next adventure or something to laugh about with friends at a later date!

Recently on a bush walk my toddler was screaming so much that a group of orienteers came running in, out of breath and first aid kits in the air, desperately looking for the injured party!

Even going for a short walk around the block can promote some learning when looking at your surroundings!  Even if it does mean you end up carrying everyone’s modes of transport home because they are too busy carrying their treasures that they have found!

Kids stuff ro
Becoming a packhorse is a common occurrence!

I have found success in spending time with my boys without too much structure and being outdoors really works in this way.   I once joined my eldest in athletics, I was so excited!  We got to the training and my son was not at all interested, he preferred pulling the grass and running off with his friends.  Finally we had him sitting down, but suddenly the sprinklers came on!!!  Needless to say he was off running under the sprinkler having the time of his life!

A lesson learnt for me that day, not to force the organised activities, save the money until he was ready.  Outdoor adventures were a lot less stressful than trying to conform to something he was not ready for…made really great photos though!

Even after the all the trials, the positives do outweigh the negatives!

If you are organised, outdoor adventures can be fun for everyone!  I always feel a sense of success after doing something outside, I have not only had fun and learnt with my children but have done something positive for myself!

In this section I will show you some things I do with my family, they often aren’t long big adventures as it’s usually something I do on my own with the boys so don’t want to push myself to the absolute limit, but enough time to have fun, do some learning and enjoy the outdoors!

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