Easy bird feeders

My boys love watching the native birds in our backyard in spring and summer, however as it gets colder the birds become more scarce and so does their food!

We looked into all sorts of bird feeders but with limited funds we decided to use what we had!  This way the boys also had more input into creating the bird feeders rather than the store bought variety.   I also didn’t like the idea of having to clean bird feeders (no one needs anymore cleaning right!) and to prevent spread of illness the store bought bird feeders are recommended to be cleaned.  But as we made these with pinecones I can either throw them away or into the fire once they are empty!


You need:

1 Pinecone

1 Piece of rope or string

Some peanut butter

Some bird seeds (you can get these fairly cheap at your local hardware store I got ours from Bunnings)


Tie the rope around the pinecone and coat with peanut butter.  It is a good idea to transfer your peanut butter into a separate container so that you do not contaminate your household peanut butter.

Roll your pinecone in bird seeds or let your kids drop them into the bucket, they have lots of fun doing this!!

Hang in your garden, make sure it is close by a branch or something so that the birds can sit on if they are too big to hang onto the bird feeder itself.

Sit and watch with your kids, its these simple things children learn from, and remember.  This can also promote lots of discussion, sit and chat together.

Questions to promote your child’s inquiring mind:

  • What kind of birds does our bird feeder attract?
  • How are the birds eating off the feeder?
  • Why do you think the birds need to use a bird feeder more in Winter?
  • What could we make for springtime?


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