Spelling games

This term at our school we have the spellathon happening.  This is a fundraiser that raises money by students being sponsored by family and friends to learn spelling words at their level.  Some people may donate a total amount and others donate per word that is correct.  I have collated five ways to learn spelling words that we will be using in our house, all these activities are low in cost or free by recycling everyday items.

Bottle cap words


Using milk bottle lids write each of the letters on an individual lid and mix them up.  Children can now put them in order.

Baking tin letters

final-46You may have seen this on my blog or a competition I had made.  I made these using a baking tin and magnetic letters.  You can write the word up on the tile and children need to find the correct letters to make the word.

Playdough imprints


Using the same magnetic letters, children print their words in the playdough.

Travel time spelling


This is a quick and easy way to learn spelling words when you are short on time.  Write the list out and stick it on the dashboard of your car.  While you are driving somewhere or waiting in the car ask your child to spell the words.  This can work for children who aren’t too keen on sitting down and doing homework.

Word find


On sticky notes place words around the house and ask your child to go find them.  When they find the words they need to write them down.  Once they have written down 10 they come and show you.  This is a fun activity as the children get to run around searching for the words rather than being stationary!  On a sunny day you could even create a word hunt outside!

Wishing you all the best in your spelling endeavours!  As always I would love to hear what your children thought of these spelling games!




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