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Sleep…where are you?

Life with a newborn is turbulent.  You look at your adorable baby not knowing how you can love them anymore yet wishing you could just sneak a little more shut eye in…not a little, a lot ūüėā

Sometimes I find myself talking to people and having an inner monologue with myself saying things like ‘open your eyes, don’t repeat yourself, are you even making sense?’ 

Over the last few weeks I have done some utterly stupid things on not much sleep! 

Texting before thinking…

In a group chat with friends I seem to text without thinking!  One morning I thought the royal baby was already on it’s way into the world without actually hearing Kate was pregnant! 

Or getting the days mixed up…I complained to my friends my favourite show wasn’t on that night!  Went on and on but found out it was only Tuesday not Thursday!
Loosing my phone….I lost my phone twice in one morning so I had to call in reinforcements to help me…

 Buying the same thing twice…
I went out twice and bought the same birthday card for the same birthday girl – I wondered why I had a sense I had done this before!

Using the men’s toilet

I went to the bathroom and looked at the signs on the door, and still went in and used the men’s toilet in McDs!  I was so embarrassed!

Putting things away in the weirdest places…

Cups of tea in the pantry, clothes in the freezer and toys in the machine (this I’m sure wasn’t my fault and know that this was not how the washing machine stopped)

It’s a small price to pay for my gorgeous newborn and my wonderful family!  Knowing that I need to take each day as it comes and try not to expect so much from myself is the key!  

‘I am proud of many things in life but nothing beats being a mother’

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Two quick and easy word games

Sometimes we just need to freshen things up for children to stay motivated in their learning.  Actually this is not just children we all need this in our lives, it keeps us motivated and pushing to the next level of learning.

Here are two quick and easy activities that make learning fun!

Colour palette rhyming words

Rhyming is an important skill in the reading process, it helps children notice the sounds within words, it shows them the rhythm of language which will help them to use expression and also helps them to make predictions when they read.  Eg. The boy read the b..ook (that word has the same ending as look so I will add the b sound to the beginning)

Grab some colour palettes from your local hardware store and write rhyming words on them.  You can first use these by just reading together each card and then later cut them up for your child to regroup them.

Ooooo Im a sucker for bright colours!


Sight word match

I printed out my son’s recent sight words and stuck them onto some cars (pre approved by him of course) and then used the same words on the car track. ¬†He had to find the corresponding car say it twice then send it down the ramp! ¬†This had my three year old wanting to do the same!



So there you are, two quick and easy games to try at home!  As I have said before I do love to hear from you and how they worked in your home!  Ive loved reading your messages!

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The wonders of clay

Today was the day…Levi has been asking for weeks to work with the clay since he received it for his birthday. ¬†Levi has worked with clay at kindergarten and would continually go back to the clay table to create things, so it has been a perfect present for him!

Clay is not only used for the end product that is created, it has all sorts of benefits for children that is why it is often used in early childhood centres and schools.

Children enjoy experimenting with its mouldable texture which unlike flubber, or playdough it can hold its shape and be kept forever!  Clay has no right or wrong use, it can be kept but also can be used and then remoulded into something else.

Benefits of clay:

  • The use of all their senses
  • Action and consequence – the responses in the clay to their actions
  • Creativity & curiosity are stimulated
  • Muscles developed – poking, pinching
  • Hand eye co-ordination – squeezing, patting, pounding
  • Attention span – children can become immersed when working with clay and spend long amounts of time creating which is great for their attention span
  • Problem solving – this was a big part of Levi’s learning today as he wanted to create an animal house, but how would it stand up without going flat? ¬†How could he create a hollow object.
  • Fine motor skills
  • It can be recycled

So why not try clay with your children?  Its an inexpensive activity with little tools required other than water and the children love it.  I promise its not as messy as you think!